Saturday, April 2, 2011


The posterboy of the Dark Eldar
This nasty little guy can sport a Flesh Gauntlet. "A claw-glove crammed with syringe-like protrusions and vials, the flesh gauntlet can inject potent electrosteroids that force rapid and unnatural growth. Its victim will literally outgrow his own skin, bursting apart in a welter of steaming, heaving matter." This is just one of the ways he would enjoy killing you.

Something they'd like to turn you into.

These little guys can pack a surprising punch, scoring just one wound can turn into quite a few when these guys' touch is involved. The Haemonculous wears no fancy armor - the only save afforded to them is their grisly, mutilated flesh. So much mangled, stitched skin can be found on them they actually get a 6+ armor save. The real money though is they start with a pain token, giving them a nice save against everything that ignores that piddly 6+ armor save.

An unusual thing to be found on them is this - 4 toughness. You'll have to bring anti-tank weaponry to them in order to put the lights out on a Haemonculous. There isn't a whole lot you can give them to increase their survivability outside of putting them in transports or squads, but they're cheap, and you can get three of them in one HQ slot, which is really cool. 

They have a full compliment of wargear available to them - from a simple little poisoned blade, to a blade that - as it moves through the air, completely sucks the moisture out of the surrounding area. There's a big toxin trade in Commorragh, and there are sometimes antidotes. They're difficult to locate, and they're looked upon as a refuge of the weak.
One of their guns causes "Blood vessel explosion or implosion, pharyngeal contraction, extensive haemolysis, skeletal disintegration, sclerotic corrosion, intercostal spasms, hyper-reacted thermoreceptors, subcutaneous necrolysis, Eustachian collapse, cardiac and respiratory atrophy or wide-scale exsanguination - sometimes all at once."Antidotes are for bitches!
Poison factory hard at work?
They ride into battle upon baroque, elegant craft. Jump out of them, and open up a portal into a hidden dimension full of shadow monsters, having unimaginable terrors burst into realspace, much closer than anyone would like them to be.

Try going to bed now.


  1. Well, I'm going to bed after beat this guys :)

  2. haemonculi are so badass. Also look at those drawings, really amazing.

  3. Good thing I visited this blog when I woke up! New to the WH40k universe myself, but everything I read about it is just incredibly interesting.

  4. Mutilated flesh? that sounds goood. lawl

  5. looks creepy and deep I like it +followed

  6. Good stuff...
    Too expensive for me to take up as a hobby though.

  7. dang, thats some pretty baller concept art.

  8. These drawings really are so sick.

  9. Those drawings would make really sick posters...

  10. Wow, these things really do look evil. Where do you get all of this information?

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  11. Those creatures sure are nasty.